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Contact: Ed Brown, PhD, LLB
Department of Computer Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL Canada A1B 3X5
brown@cs.mun.ca / cpig@cs.mun.ca

Mission Statement: The electronic storage and sharing of data about individuals and organizations underlies many computational applications, from banking to economic planning to the efficient implementation and delivery of health care. As this storage and sharing is often done automatically at speeds that prohibit direct human supervision, it is critical that these operations are performed in a manner that best resolves the frequently conflicting requirements of the privacy of the individuals described by the data, the needs of the users of the data, and the laws of the juristications in which these operations take place. The aim of our group is to develop theory, algorithms, and software solutions for dealing with these problems.


Ed Brown, PhD, LLB
Faculty, MUN CS
Software Design,
Intellectual Property,
Privacy Law
Todd Wareham, PhD
Faculty, MUN CS
Algorithm Design,
Computational Complexity
Khandaker Ahamed, BSc
BSch student, MUN CS
Heuristic Algorithms for
Data Anonymization
Rhonda Chaytor, BSc
MSc student, MUN CS
Data Anonymization
Dwayne Hart, BSc
Systems Administrator, MUN Math
Fault-Tolerant Anonymization
Strategies for Distributed Databases
Neil Lucas, BSc
MSc student, MUN CS
Data Anonymization
Syed Naqvi, BSch
MSc student, MUN CS
Anonymization Strategies for
Statistical Databases
Ray Wadman, BSc
MSc student, MUN CS
Data Anonymization


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Created: September 12, 2005
Last Modified: October 11, 2005